About Us

Drawing inspiration from his childhood in rural South Carolina, Perry used the same recipes and ingredients to build what is known to it’s loyal customers as Compton’s Kitchen. On November 1, 1977, Perry Compton opened his doors to serve breakfast on D Avenue in West Columbia, preparing his first batch of what would become Compton’s famous buttermilk biscuits.

As business volume increased, Perry moved the restaurant location two more times–to Highway 378 at the Gervais Street Bridge and then to its current location on B Avenue in the Triangle City area. Perry began serving lunch in the mid-1980s and developed an excellent reputation for serving delicious home-style meats and vegetables.

Martha Cooke, the current owner of Compton’s Kitchen, managed the restaurant for ten years prior to taking over ownership of the business in 2000. You’ll also notice our dedicated staff. Each employee has been with us for 10+ years and have offered new recipes and menu items. While carrying on Perry’s traditional menu, Martha has added many new items on breakfast & lunch menus and grown a successful catering business.